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Teaching Philosophy

Self acceptance is key in the process of becoming one’s best self everyday. We all experience fear or inadequacies, but through the belief of resilience, each person has the opportunity to overcome by repetition, exploration, and strengthening positive internal dialogue. Only by saying ‘yes’ to ourselves in commitment to move through fear will we be able to truly progress as individuals and artists.  


Through Graham Technique, I seek to instill in my students the value of self worth. I invite the students into a safe space in which they need not worry about ‘failure’ as a block but a stepping stone to success. I am a strong believer in positive, nourishing, and encouraging direction that affirms the goals of each student are in progress. In respectful communication and questioning, I challenge the students to answer internal questions that they can only answer for themselves bringing a sense of security to their own voice. Ultimately, students will understand that the individuality of their own experiences is the most important and valuable asset they own in and outside of the class. 

Sound technical foundation is an essential factor for longevity as well as safety. The Graham Technique allows for the development of strength, artistic expression, and authenticity. In knowing the necessary musculature for the technique, I provide the basis to build a proper foundation for each student to dance healthily. One of the most wonderful aspects of this technique is that the beauty comes from the power and expression of the heart. While flexibility and range are worked on, the true power comes from each dancer's ability to express their inner dialogue with integrity.  Body positivity and appreciation of each individual instrument is a staple for the safe space I provide for my students. Immature imposing of force for aesthetics will not be tolerated. The quality and simplicity of the movement teaches that when done intentionally, the truth of the movement and expression is what makes the Artist. With a strong sense of intention, the students have this tool to apply to all other forms of dancing creating impactful thought provoking artists of the generations to come.

Photo by Frank Fumelli
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